Professional Cleaning Services Brisbane

Professional Cleaning Services Brisbane
Address: Address GPO Box 1547 Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia
ABN 75 302 754 515
Phone: 07 3229 3077 / 07 3229 3989

At Professional Cleaning Services Pty Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide. Unlike most cleaning companies we only service high rise office towers, enabling us to fine tune our unique set of skills, to providing our clients the most comprehensive service possible.

Through our extensive experience servicing Brisbane’s premiere commercial high rise office towers we have tailored our services to ensure we can offer our clients all the services they could possibly require. This results in a more efficient and cost effective service for our clients.

Corporate responsibility includes the protection of the environment, which is why we have developed an extensive environmental management system. This system aims to identify products that could adversely affect the environment in anyway. All staff employed by Professional Cleaning Services receives extensive training and development in the company’s environmental system.

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