Big Red Carpet Cleaning Townsville

Big Red Carpet Cleaning Townsville
Address: Townsville
Phone: (07) 4789 0377

Big Red Carpet Cleaning may have “carpet” in the name, but we clean more than just indoor carpeted surfaces. Let us handle your outdoor surfaces as well with our high-pressure concrete cleaning tools and equipment. As with our carpet cleaning system, everything we need to clean your concrete surfaces comes with us in our truck mount. We’ll quickly power-wash away embedded dirt and other impurities, and leave your concrete clean and ready to go.

We’ll clean nearly any type of concrete driveway or other surface, in both residential and commercial properties. If you’ve got concrete in your driveway, garage, or backyard patio, a good yearly or twice-yearly cleaning will keep your property looking clean and well-maintained. If you’re running a business, don’t let customers drive into a dirty parking lot. Let us clean up your concrete for you, so your business can make the best possible impression.

Ready to learn more? Call Big Red Carpet Cleaning today to get your free quote. Consider combining concrete cleaning with carpet cleaning, so you get your indoor and outdoor surfaces cleaned in one day.

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