Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville

Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
Address: Burdell QLD 4818
Phone: 0405 180 109

Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville offers an affordable cleaning services to your residential or commercial premises. Our cleaning services implement various high pressure washing, soft washing and steam techniques to bring any contaminated surface area back to life.

Poseidon Pressure Cleaning was established as a local business here in Townsville and is now catering to the coastal cities around North Queensland. Poseidon Pressure Cleaning has and always will be the reliable solution for all your pressure cleaning needs. We have the option of operating with hot water and steam which produces a better finished product and helps to sterilize the surface area. We are environmentally friendly and compliant with all local council legislation. Poseidon Pressure Cleaning specialise in servicing local businesses by maintaining their appearance to look the best at all times. Whether it be outdoor areas, warehouses, drive ways or even signage cleaning we are Townsville’s top rated pressure cleaning service.

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